Growing Girls Guide To: Handling Summer Stress

Stress-Free Zone

Stress-Free Zone

Gone are the days of having weekday visits to the pool and mall trips on the weekends. We’re at the point in our lives where internships (paid or unpaid, though usually the latter), relationships, jobs, and even sleep take priority over summer soirées. Keep a mental cool during these never-ending dog days of 90% humidity by remembering these tips when your stress level is higher than the heat index. All of these de-stressors only take about 5-15 minutes, but feel free to extend them for as long as you need.

1. Give your eyes a rest. Screens, reading, writing, driving, all take a massive toll on the windows to the soul. If a nap is out of the question,download a quick Podcast to listen to on the commute home. Some of my favorites include The Moth and True Story.

2. Stop and smell the roses. Or the patchouli. Find a scent that brings your energy to a calmer level. Maybe a first date perfume, or a lotion you used on a beach vacation. Focus on breathing in the notes of the scent and its accompanying memories and you’ll be in a mental Tahiti by the time 5:00 rolls around.

3. Walk it out. Whether it be to the coffee shop around the corner, your living room couch, or down the driveway to the mailbox, make a move. If your mind is wandering, let your body accompany it. This also helps out with the first two tips. Catching on to the whole “senses” theme yet?

4. Meditate. I thought meditation was for desert hippies until I went to a class taught by one of my friends and fell in love with it. Whether you’re a meditation master or going through your first reflection, it is a great tool to have in your mental toolbox. Need help finding the concentration? There are millions of apps and guides online. Free spirit? Even a 10-minute walk around the block can serve as your daily meditation.