A new low for Weiner


I love to think about women in power.  We are talking Madame Clinton, Oprah, Palin, Sawyer, and the like.

How do women lead as women?  Why do I find that more often women scrutinized for their hair and make-up rather than their arguments and character?

Which is why I would like to highlight a woman who has created quite a stir in the press, Olivia Nuzzi.  Former campaign intern for Anthony Weiner leaked information about his scandalous actions, resulting in being called a “slutbag” (is that two words?  Slut bag?), the c-word, and twat by Barbara Morgan, Anthony Weiner’s former communication director.

After being fired, re-hired, and God knows what else, Nuzzi is gracing the cover of the Daily News, and taking to social media to share her story.

Nuzzi’s actions can rightfully be considered obnoxious, snarky, and unprofessional, however she has become the new face of younger women in politics and I hope she uses this power with authority, and caution.

Reading Nuzzi’s contributions to NSFWCORP, it is clear that she is intelligent, quick-thinking, funny, and relevant.  She is an educated woman with something to say, and an interesting and provocative way to say it.  She has the potential to forge a new path for women in politics, showing that younger women have something to share with our nation, and the power and intelligence to do so.

However, it should not be forgotten that tact, class, and grace are a trait that both women, and men in politics could use more of.  Although it is funny to reveal the story about Weiner calling the female interns, “Monica”,  there have been ties cut and bridges burned.

It is easy to get caught up in the he said-she said, who leaked what, but there is a larger message here.  Weiner’s sexting issue was going to be revealed eventually, somehow, from someone.  Nuzzi choosing to reveal that information, and Morgan choosing to react have put both Morgan and Nuzzi on a national platform.  Rather than pointing fingers and calling names, they take the opportunity in the spotlight to educate and serve as a role models for younger women aspiring to be in politics.

Yes, Morgan should have shared Nuzzi’s lack of work ethic in a more delicate fashion (i.e. avoiding the four-letter c word).  Nuzzi should have adhered to non-disclosure agreements, and shown up to work more often.  Politics is sloppy, and Nuzzi and Morgan’s scandal should by no means cast a shadow over Weiner’s sexting problem.  If, in fact,  this intern/Communications Director quarrel is really just one giant, orchestrated conspiracy to create a shadow over Weiner’s sexting scandal, then I surrender.

Exploiting a cat fight in an effort to smolder Weiner’s, erm, addiction…? is not only classless, tasteless, disrespectful, and shameful- it’s just bad politics.