Summer Wrap-Up

As the summer comes to a close, it is time for many of us to return to school.  If your summer plans included an internship, a job, or a volunteer commitment, make sure to come full-circle with those experiences in order to gain the most out of those opportunities.

1. Write thank you notes!

Write thank you notes to anyone that you feel would be appropriate: your supervisor, your boss, the girl kiddy-corner to your cubicle and showed you how to work the Keurig, you get the gist.  If you question whether or not you should write the person a thank you note, remember that you can never be too gracious, and write them a nice little note.

2. Update your resume

It’s best to update your resume as often as possible, in order to ensure you remember all of the responsibilities, duties, and tasks you had on all of your awesome projects.

3. Reflect

Is this something you will want to do again>?  What parts of this position could you see yourself doing in another job?  Life is short, and the ability to have opportunities to try out a variety of positions and fields is a valuable opportunity.  Take the time to truly learn from every aspect of this summer.

4. Squeeze in every last drop of summer fun

Sangria, lake houses, tanning, light reading, back-to-school shopping, family, friends, the great outdoors, beaches, and outdoor dining are a luxury for many of us.  Take the time to relish in all of these wonderful summertime treats, because before you know it, flip flops will become boots, lake houses will become log cabins, and light reading will become dense textbooks or documents.

I hope your summer was as fabulous as mine, and here’s to the best fall we’ve ever had!


Talking About Time


As I get older, the value I place on certain things has shifted.  While in middle school popularity ruled my priority list, family fell down the priority ladder.  In high school my dating life and academics overruled any concern of popularity or friendships with other girls.  In college I have worked towards more balance, I have been able to find a place where my family, friends, academics, and relationships have held (close to) their rightful importance, without forsaking one of the components.

As I thought about this balance, I realized that time was the value factor in this equation.  Time is the most valuable resource, because time is something we can never get back.  When you make the decision to spend time with someone, you are giving them something that you can never get back.

Now, to many this may seem like an obvious notion and a waste of time, however for those whom have not pondered this value equation there is a lot to learn.  The greatest of all compliments is when someone generously and freely gives you their time.  Especially today, there are so many alternatives for ways to spend the day, whether that be by yourself, with others, or working.  

To whom do you give your time?  

Photo credit to my new favorite blog-crush, Elle Yeah:

You and I and Nobody Else

I’ve been dating Robert for a little over a month. We date like grown ups by going to actual events instead of shacking it up in a movie theatre. We talk like grown ups about real issues regarding family and work.

The best part about our grown up relationship is that we have no friends in common. I didn’t meet Robert as a friend of a friend, we didn’t go to high school together, and even my best of friends haven’t stalked him on Facebook yet. This basic anonymity, I’ve decided, is what makes our relationship work.

Starting with a blank slate has been a great way for us to get to know each other, for each other, instead of for the rest of the world. We have nothing to prove or defend to the people outside of our relationship. Our relationship is between us, not between me and Robert’s ex or Robert and my friends.

Too many times, people (cough cough, 18-24 year-olds) forget that a relationship is only for the two people in it. Well guess what, unless Sadie from down the hall is mackin’ on your man as often as you are and sending his sisters Valentine’s Day cards, forget what she thinks. Note: If Sadie from down the hall is mackin’ on your man, there are some bigger issues to tackle.

The most important part of any relationship you are in should be the other person. This works great for Robert and myself, but I also try to apply this idea to all of the other relationships in my life. Whether it’s my hairdresser, one of my sisters, a fellow intern, or a coblogger (it’s a word now, Kathryn), I keep the relationship between us. If I really wanted a third party’s opinion, I would just make a Facebook status about it, right?





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Grown Ups Have Confidence

Dove’s newest video shows just how camera shy growing girls, and even grown up ladies, tend to be.

The element of surprise caught all of these women off guard, leading them to cover their faces in fear of looking less than their best.

What caught my eye, however, was how beautiful all of the women looked before they realized they had been caught on camera. Their first looks are stunning, showing wide-eyed, laughing, fun-loving ladies.

Unfortunately we have learned (and practiced, let’s be serious) that we cannot be photographed until we look our best. Dove, and Growing Into Grownups, encourage growing girls to embrace the camera. Save your selfies, gather for group shots, and find yourself on film.

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