Summer Wrap-Up

As the summer comes to a close, it is time for many of us to return to school.  If your summer plans included an internship, a job, or a volunteer commitment, make sure to come full-circle with those experiences in order to gain the most out of those opportunities.

1. Write thank you notes!

Write thank you notes to anyone that you feel would be appropriate: your supervisor, your boss, the girl kiddy-corner to your cubicle and showed you how to work the Keurig, you get the gist.  If you question whether or not you should write the person a thank you note, remember that you can never be too gracious, and write them a nice little note.

2. Update your resume

It’s best to update your resume as often as possible, in order to ensure you remember all of the responsibilities, duties, and tasks you had on all of your awesome projects.

3. Reflect

Is this something you will want to do again>?  What parts of this position could you see yourself doing in another job?  Life is short, and the ability to have opportunities to try out a variety of positions and fields is a valuable opportunity.  Take the time to truly learn from every aspect of this summer.

4. Squeeze in every last drop of summer fun

Sangria, lake houses, tanning, light reading, back-to-school shopping, family, friends, the great outdoors, beaches, and outdoor dining are a luxury for many of us.  Take the time to relish in all of these wonderful summertime treats, because before you know it, flip flops will become boots, lake houses will become log cabins, and light reading will become dense textbooks or documents.

I hope your summer was as fabulous as mine, and here’s to the best fall we’ve ever had!


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