Talking About Time


As I get older, the value I place on certain things has shifted.  While in middle school popularity ruled my priority list, family fell down the priority ladder.  In high school my dating life and academics overruled any concern of popularity or friendships with other girls.  In college I have worked towards more balance, I have been able to find a place where my family, friends, academics, and relationships have held (close to) their rightful importance, without forsaking one of the components.

As I thought about this balance, I realized that time was the value factor in this equation.  Time is the most valuable resource, because time is something we can never get back.  When you make the decision to spend time with someone, you are giving them something that you can never get back.

Now, to many this may seem like an obvious notion and a waste of time, however for those whom have not pondered this value equation there is a lot to learn.  The greatest of all compliments is when someone generously and freely gives you their time.  Especially today, there are so many alternatives for ways to spend the day, whether that be by yourself, with others, or working.  

To whom do you give your time?  

Photo credit to my new favorite blog-crush, Elle Yeah:

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