Growing Girls Love Inventions

You know the section of Vanity Fair called “My Stuff”? The part where someone cooler than Blake Lively, but not as cool as Heidi Klum, lists all of their favorite things? From luggage to moisturizer to sheets to socks. These people get hella specific, name dropping the Homage camp tee in red or Dr. Jart’s charcoal-infused face mask. I desperately want to be on that list of luxury, but until then, I’m settling for a variation of Vanity’s finest. This edition of “My Stuff” is brought to you by a lack of sleep, dehydration, and a wandering mind.

My Stuff: Things that should exist

1)    Sparkling Coffee: Whether it’s Pellegrino and Starbucks or supermarket brand and Folgers, this drink is such a power play. Can we start experimenting by adding sparkling water to the Keurig? If this catches on and becomes a thing, you are all so very welcome.

Invention 1

2) iPhone to iPad charger: I tend to either have 5 iPhone chargers tangling themselves together in my bag, or none at all. Having a cord is great, but without a computer or the pesky wall charger, we’re SOL. If sharing is caring, especially with the uniformity of Apple products, why can’t one device power another?


3) SoundHound for Faces: Whether you use the beloved SH, or silly Shazam, being able to recognize an unknown song in just a few seconds is more magical than the Triwizard Tournament (I went there, get over it). What if we had this for FACES?!? See that chic girl with the most amazing eyelashes you’ve ever set your own eyes on? Sneak a pic with the app, and you may have met your new best friend. The bartender isn’t wearing a name tag, but you MUST see him again? Snap, scan, and you and John will be skiing down the Andes shortly.



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