Tootles, Facebook.

You may know the story, a mundane Monday night starts with what seems to be a casual Facebook stalking binge. Before you know it, your eyes are watering as they squint at the screen, staring at the profile of the roommate of a mutual friend of a girl you used to go to camp with.  

After having a shameful and unspeakable amount of these kind of nights, in addition to other reasons, I have decided to go Facebook free and I am absolutely loving it for two reasons:

a.  I don’t have to pay for premium to get airbrush/teeth whitening/virtual weight-loss for all 763 of my profpics.

b. I have a lot more time to dedicate to Twitter now.

c. You automatically seem cooler if you say, “I’m not on Facebook.” [See HBO Girl’s, Season 1’s Jessa for details]



All jokes aside, kind of, the superficiality of Facebook is remarkable.  Facebook has made it possible for people to orchestrate an entirely new life and identity. And what may be even more remarkable, is how easy it can be to buy into it.  I mean, do you really “like” CNN?   Does anyone?  Or do we like it so among Katy Perry, ASOS, Top Shop, and Glamour Magazine we can look semi-educated and wordly?

I’m not sure of the answer, asking for a friend.

Even Sir Zuckerburg himself has mocked us Internet mortals for handing over our personal and private information, without question or hesitation.  And I’m telling you, he loves it.  He loves all that power.  Look at him, he probably owns half of wherever it is he lives, I don’t feel like Googling it.

So as a friend, I am urging you.  Get off of Facebook.  Give your advertising cookies and data to Twitter instead, they have such a cuter layout.

XOXO Kathryn

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