A new low for Weiner


I love to think about women in power.  We are talking Madame Clinton, Oprah, Palin, Sawyer, and the like.

How do women lead as women?  Why do I find that more often women scrutinized for their hair and make-up rather than their arguments and character?

Which is why I would like to highlight a woman who has created quite a stir in the press, Olivia Nuzzi.  Former campaign intern for Anthony Weiner leaked information about his scandalous actions, resulting in being called a “slutbag” (is that two words?  Slut bag?), the c-word, and twat by Barbara Morgan, Anthony Weiner’s former communication director.

After being fired, re-hired, and God knows what else, Nuzzi is gracing the cover of the Daily News, and taking to social media to share her story.

Nuzzi’s actions can rightfully be considered obnoxious, snarky, and unprofessional, however she has become the new face of younger women in politics and I hope she uses this power with authority, and caution.

Reading Nuzzi’s contributions to NSFWCORP, it is clear that she is intelligent, quick-thinking, funny, and relevant.  She is an educated woman with something to say, and an interesting and provocative way to say it.  She has the potential to forge a new path for women in politics, showing that younger women have something to share with our nation, and the power and intelligence to do so.

However, it should not be forgotten that tact, class, and grace are a trait that both women, and men in politics could use more of.  Although it is funny to reveal the story about Weiner calling the female interns, “Monica”,  there have been ties cut and bridges burned.

It is easy to get caught up in the he said-she said, who leaked what, but there is a larger message here.  Weiner’s sexting issue was going to be revealed eventually, somehow, from someone.  Nuzzi choosing to reveal that information, and Morgan choosing to react have put both Morgan and Nuzzi on a national platform.  Rather than pointing fingers and calling names, they take the opportunity in the spotlight to educate and serve as a role models for younger women aspiring to be in politics.

Yes, Morgan should have shared Nuzzi’s lack of work ethic in a more delicate fashion (i.e. avoiding the four-letter c word).  Nuzzi should have adhered to non-disclosure agreements, and shown up to work more often.  Politics is sloppy, and Nuzzi and Morgan’s scandal should by no means cast a shadow over Weiner’s sexting problem.  If, in fact,  this intern/Communications Director quarrel is really just one giant, orchestrated conspiracy to create a shadow over Weiner’s sexting scandal, then I surrender.

Exploiting a cat fight in an effort to smolder Weiner’s, erm, addiction…? is not only classless, tasteless, disrespectful, and shameful- it’s just bad politics.

Pita Pizza

This may be a lot to handle for a casual blog post, but you should know that my roommate suffers from CGS3 (Compulsive Grocery Store Shopping Syndrome).

Symptoms include, but are not limited to

  • Impulse purchases of display food items
  • Surplus in specialty and gourmet items such as hand pressed peanut butter and artisan bread
  • Hour minimum spent per grocery shop
  • Sporadic conversations with delicatessen staff and other grocery store crew members

Now, you may think this is some sort of heavy burden of which I have to bare, but I assure you, this syndrome has it’s perks.

Like when your roommate brings home DELICIOUS fresh mozzarella and makes you the most incredible and easy pita pizza ever!!







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Kale Chips

This snack is great because it feels healthy but really, they’re just glorified potato chips!

Wash kale


Dry kale and tear into snack-able size pieces.  I like to use the leafier part, and avoid the hard center of each piece.


Drizzle with olive oil and salt


Bake in the oven at 300 degrees for 20 minutes, or until crisp, and enjoy!


Growing Girls Love Inventions

You know the section of Vanity Fair called “My Stuff”? The part where someone cooler than Blake Lively, but not as cool as Heidi Klum, lists all of their favorite things? From luggage to moisturizer to sheets to socks. These people get hella specific, name dropping the Homage camp tee in red or Dr. Jart’s charcoal-infused face mask. I desperately want to be on that list of luxury, but until then, I’m settling for a variation of Vanity’s finest. This edition of “My Stuff” is brought to you by a lack of sleep, dehydration, and a wandering mind.

My Stuff: Things that should exist

1)    Sparkling Coffee: Whether it’s Pellegrino and Starbucks or supermarket brand and Folgers, this drink is such a power play. Can we start experimenting by adding sparkling water to the Keurig? If this catches on and becomes a thing, you are all so very welcome.

Invention 1

2) iPhone to iPad charger: I tend to either have 5 iPhone chargers tangling themselves together in my bag, or none at all. Having a cord is great, but without a computer or the pesky wall charger, we’re SOL. If sharing is caring, especially with the uniformity of Apple products, why can’t one device power another?


3) SoundHound for Faces: Whether you use the beloved SH, or silly Shazam, being able to recognize an unknown song in just a few seconds is more magical than the Triwizard Tournament (I went there, get over it). What if we had this for FACES?!? See that chic girl with the most amazing eyelashes you’ve ever set your own eyes on? Sneak a pic with the app, and you may have met your new best friend. The bartender isn’t wearing a name tag, but you MUST see him again? Snap, scan, and you and John will be skiing down the Andes shortly.



A Closed Letter, To You.

Dear Blogosphere,

I hope you are doing well.  I think of you often.

I imagine you- You are peering through your “prescription” Ray Bans, typing furiously into your MacBook Pro, documenting your road trip to Pitchfork.  Your eyeliner is perfectly winged, your finally ombré-free hair falling into tendrils, and your mustache pendant necklace clacks against the edge of the table.

Blogosphere, be honest with me, do you look that good all the time?  With new outfits and perfectly coordinated accessories, my Target and Forever 21 sponsored wardrobe is starting to feel inferior, and a little sad.

Seriously though, Blogosphere, how do you find Channel wallets, plaid button ups, and chic fashion jewelry at your local vintage shop?  Whenever I go into thrifting all I can find is black mini menswear vests from H&M circa 2009.

Enlighten me, Blogosphere.  How do you always eat at restaurants that have dimly lit interiors, staff wearing Converse high tops, and cocktails served in mason jars?  And on the topic of food, how do you always manage to arrange your vegetable choppings and herbs perfectly on a rustic wooden cutting board? And on herbs, do you really only use fresh rosemary from your urban garden?  When did McCormick stop being good enough?

You know what, Blogosphere?  I’m actually starting to think that maybe you think you are too good for me.  You know, I tried to take cute pictures on the roof of my apartment once, but the parking garage and dumpsters was just so not the candid chic aesthetic I was going for!

Will I ever be good enough for you, blogosphere?  Will I ever write as eloquently?  Will my photographs ever have that masterful grain that makes everything look so much more alternative than it really is?

I think I just need some time.





Please note: This is sarcastic, not intended to look down on fashion and food bloggers, only intended to poke fun at myself, and the Blogosphere world.

Tootles, Facebook.

You may know the story, a mundane Monday night starts with what seems to be a casual Facebook stalking binge. Before you know it, your eyes are watering as they squint at the screen, staring at the profile of the roommate of a mutual friend of a girl you used to go to camp with.  

After having a shameful and unspeakable amount of these kind of nights, in addition to other reasons, I have decided to go Facebook free and I am absolutely loving it for two reasons:

a.  I don’t have to pay for premium PicMonkey.com to get airbrush/teeth whitening/virtual weight-loss for all 763 of my profpics.

b. I have a lot more time to dedicate to Twitter now.

c. You automatically seem cooler if you say, “I’m not on Facebook.” [See HBO Girl’s, Season 1’s Jessa for details]



All jokes aside, kind of, the superficiality of Facebook is remarkable.  Facebook has made it possible for people to orchestrate an entirely new life and identity. And what may be even more remarkable, is how easy it can be to buy into it.  I mean, do you really “like” CNN?   Does anyone?  Or do we like it so among Katy Perry, ASOS, Top Shop, and Glamour Magazine we can look semi-educated and wordly?

I’m not sure of the answer, asking for a friend.

Even Sir Zuckerburg himself has mocked us Internet mortals for handing over our personal and private information, without question or hesitation.  And I’m telling you, he loves it.  He loves all that power.  Look at him, he probably owns half of wherever it is he lives, I don’t feel like Googling it.

So as a friend, I am urging you.  Get off of Facebook.  Give your advertising cookies and data to Twitter instead, they have such a cuter layout.

XOXO Kathryn

Grown Ups Have Confidence

Dove’s newest video shows just how camera shy growing girls, and even grown up ladies, tend to be.

The element of surprise caught all of these women off guard, leading them to cover their faces in fear of looking less than their best.

What caught my eye, however, was how beautiful all of the women looked before they realized they had been caught on camera. Their first looks are stunning, showing wide-eyed, laughing, fun-loving ladies.

Unfortunately we have learned (and practiced, let’s be serious) that we cannot be photographed until we look our best. Dove, and Growing Into Grownups, encourage growing girls to embrace the camera. Save your selfies, gather for group shots, and find yourself on film.

Check out another one of our favorites from Dove.

Growing Girls Guide To: Handling Summer Stress

Stress-Free Zone

Stress-Free Zone

Gone are the days of having weekday visits to the pool and mall trips on the weekends. We’re at the point in our lives where internships (paid or unpaid, though usually the latter), relationships, jobs, and even sleep take priority over summer soirées. Keep a mental cool during these never-ending dog days of 90% humidity by remembering these tips when your stress level is higher than the heat index. All of these de-stressors only take about 5-15 minutes, but feel free to extend them for as long as you need.

1. Give your eyes a rest. Screens, reading, writing, driving, all take a massive toll on the windows to the soul. If a nap is out of the question,download a quick Podcast to listen to on the commute home. Some of my favorites include The Moth and True Story.

2. Stop and smell the roses. Or the patchouli. Find a scent that brings your energy to a calmer level. Maybe a first date perfume, or a lotion you used on a beach vacation. Focus on breathing in the notes of the scent and its accompanying memories and you’ll be in a mental Tahiti by the time 5:00 rolls around.

3. Walk it out. Whether it be to the coffee shop around the corner, your living room couch, or down the driveway to the mailbox, make a move. If your mind is wandering, let your body accompany it. This also helps out with the first two tips. Catching on to the whole “senses” theme yet?

4. Meditate. I thought meditation was for desert hippies until I went to a class taught by one of my friends and fell in love with it. Whether you’re a meditation master or going through your first reflection, it is a great tool to have in your mental toolbox. Need help finding the concentration? There are millions of apps and guides online. Free spirit? Even a 10-minute walk around the block can serve as your daily meditation.